Meet the owner

My love for candles inspired Candle Hush. My vision is to create scents in correlation with the food, things and places that I love. To me, candles make a space more inviting, and a scented candle has a way of renewing a space.
After a great deal of research, I was surprised to learn what ingredients more prominent companies use to make the candles that most of us buy. I decided that the best way to ensure my candles were healthy, was to make my own. I began researching the materials and creating a toxic-free candle, and what started as a hobby, quickly grew into a passion. 
After tirelessly testing and a great deal of positive feedback from family and friends, I founded Candle Hush. My goal is to create a healthier product while making affordable luxury candles more accessible. I make the candles with unique blend of coconut wax blend, essential oil, luxury fragrance oil and wooden wicks. All candles are vegan, cruelty free, free from phthalates, and are hand poured in small batches with love, peace and joy in SoCAL.